Teachers are an integral part that plays an essential role in the framework of Indonesia's educational development. Therefore, teachers must meet the academic qualifications and competencies that apply nationally, including pedagogical, personality, social, and professional competencies (Article 1 PP No.74/2008). Article 11 of PermenPANRB No.16/2009 states that in order to fulfill these competencies, teachers must continue to improve their competence and professionalism through Continuous Professional Development (PKB) activities consisting of self-development, publications, and innovation. One form of self-development that can be done by teachers is to participate in knowledge capacity-building activities in the form of workshops and training.

Indonesia will host the International Geography Olympiad (iGeo) this year, inviting teachers and lecturers from around 50 countries to accompany their students to compete in geography. This event is a momentum for geography teachers throughout Indonesia to improve their knowledge, especially in the rapid development of Geospatial Information System (GIS) technology. By applying GIS technology in learning, teachers can create an interesting learning experience that can improve student motivation and learning quality.

The Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) has made a significant contribution to the development of GIS technology in Indonesia. This contribution is shown through the development of a number of GIS applications: SINAR for organizing earthquake names; Peta Kita to serve mapping, GPS navigation, and community-based services; SIPULAU to share island data. BIG has also developed the portal tanahair.indonesia.go.id. so that anyone can obtain geospatial data easily. By understanding these applications, teachers can support spatial intelligence programs and the availability of precise and accurate spatial information. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a workshop for geography teachers to understand and apply GIS technology in education.

Workshop Materials

After participating in this workshop, all participants are expected to be able to master all the materials that have been given. The materials that will be given to the workshop participants are as follows.

  1. Basic knowledge of geospatial information
  2. Understanding and practice of positioning system
  3. Introduction and utilization of SINAR application
  4. Introduction and utilization of Peta Kita application
  5. Introduction and utilization of SIPULAU application
  6. Introduction and utilization of the tanahair.indonesia.go.id portal

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