Expression of interest period are extended to April 30th 2023. 

Invitation letter and presentation for iGeO 2023

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are excited to invite your country to participate in the 2023 International Geography Olympiad!
Please find your invitation letter attached. Importantly, to express interest in your country's participation, please visit and complete the simple web-form.

Once complete, you will in due course you will receive further participation instructions, including log in details to the Olympus system.Further information about iGeo 2023 can be explored in this website.

The competition will take place in Bandung, Indonesia, from 08th to 14th of August 2023. The registration fee to participate the iGeO Bandung 2023 is US$ 425 for each student or team leader (the room will be shared for 2 pax). The requirement prior to participating in the iGeO Bandung 2023 is that the representative from your country should select the geography teacher/Professor as team leader. For more details on the iGeO and its Statutes, please also refer to the official website at

General iGeo correspondence should be sent to:
Sue Lomas, Co-Chair, IGU Olympiad Task Force

iGeo 2023 Indonesia Local Organizing Committee queries can be sent to

iGeo 2023 Presentation can be accessed here: iGeO 2023 Presentation Download

Best regards,

iGeo 2023 Indonesia Local Organizing Committee

Note: Invitation letter for countries that has been participating previously can be accessed here


The iGeO will comprise of the following competition:

  • Written Response Test 

       Written Response Test is one of the examination series designated to test the ability of iGeo participants in applying their skills and knowledge in concreteregional contexts. The format of WRT includes essay-type questions with resource materials such as graphs, matrix, maps, and photos provided. The test consists of 6 topics with a balance between integrated physical and human geography discourses.


            Field Work Test

          Field Work Test is another examination series to evaluate the critical analysis and observation skills of iGeo participants in investigating social and spatial phenomena on site. This examination aims to hone the participants’ problem solving ability by prompting them to apply geographical concepts to expound real-life issues.

Field Work Test also utilises geography-related instruments, such as compass, GPS, binoculars, etc in the process. Some of the past problems include:

  1. Mapping cultural tourism and observing landuse change by using vegetation as a proxy in Baie St Paul, Quebec, Canada (iGeo 2018)
  2. Analyse rural connectivity, structure and suitability of a location as a tourism centre in Sai Kung, Hong Kong (iGeo 2019)
  3. Sustainable city assessment in Beijing, China (iGeo 2016)
  • Multimedia Test (MMT)

          The Multimedia Test is a comprehensive evaluation designed to measure the audio-visual analysis skills of participants. Through a series of multiple-choice questions, participants will be challenged to analyse and interpret images and videos, providing a thorough assessment of their abilities in this area. The participants will answer these questions via an application on the computers provided by the organiser.

  • Poster Presentation

          Poster Presentation is an event to showcase posters from each participating country. Apart from the examination series, there is also a poster competition with a theme related to geography. All participating countries are invited to design a poster containing their ideas, which then will be presented in the Poster Presentation session. Each country will be provided a poster stand for them to share their ideas and present their poster to the judges, fellow participants, and public audiences. The judges and audiences will also be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite poster.

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