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Registration and Payment Guidelines – iGeO 2023

Registration flow

  1. Express interest in the 2023 iGeo by submitting an “Expression of Interest” on the Olympus website (

  2. The local organizing committee will check expression of interest for verification and approval.

  3. Administrator of approved participant countries will receive an email with log in details to the Olympus system.

  4. Country administrator will need to log onto Olympus system ( to :

    1. Update their country details, and

    2. Generate adn download an invoice for the number of participating team leaders, students, and post-iGeo trip extras.

  5. After participant countries submit the payment, they are emailed to log into Olympus system to fill out the students' data (First Name, Last Name, Name on Certificate, E-mail Address, Photo of Passport).

  6. After all the students' data are submitted to they system, registration is completed.

Requirement for new country participating in iGeO

There are requirements for new countries to participate iGeO event :

  1. There should be a national selection process and is available to the students who like to attend around the country

  2. New countries need to provide proof to the task force that their representative students are not just from one or two schools and have the national competition.

  3. We need to know:

    1. who are key persons running the national competition

    2. how are they funded (by the government, a geographical society, or another association).  If the Ministry of Education does not sponsor them then they can get a letter from the organizing body.

    3. A website is also very useful

Example of National Competition: Indonesian OSN

  • There are 4 stages: school, regency, province, and national level.

  • Each school can send up to 5 students for regency level

  • The participants at the province level will be 3 x the number of regencies in a province.

  • At the national level, we will have 100 participants. The medallist will be 30 people.



4 Students and 2 Team Leaders


Payment flow

  1. After "Expression of interest" is approved, log onto Olympus system, update country details, and generate and download your country's invoice.

  2. Please input:

    1. Number of students and team leaders’ participating

      • Registration fee: 425 USD per pax; triple-sharing bedroom

    2. Post iGeO trip (additional fees; optional)

      • Jogja package: 250 USD per pax

      • Jogja-Bali package: 745 USD per pax

    3. Room upgrade (sharing room)

      • Single supplement: 125 USD per pax

      • Rules:

        • If one team leader – no room upgrade possible.

        • If two team leaders – a room upgrade possible.

  3. After inputting the above required data, participant countries will generate and download their invoice from the Olympus system.

  4. Banking details are printed on invoice.

  5. Pay before the deadline for the payment.


Important Dates

30th April 2023: Deadline for registration. You will be notified of the acceptance of your application within the registration time frame.

30th June 2023: Deadline for the fee payment. Details on making the payment will be given to teams after their applications have been approved.


Important Website

IGEO Statutes 

Olympus Registration Platform

IGEO 2023 Website


FAQ Contact

Task Force Co-chair: Sue Lomas

Task Force Co-chair: Su Min Shen 

IGEO 2023 Local Organizing Committee 

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