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19th International Geography Olympiad

An annual geography competition for the best 16 to 19 years old geography students from all over the world

The 19th International Olympiad in Geography (iGeo 2023) will be hosted by Indonesia from August 8th to August 14th 2023. The competition is one of the five international science olympiads held annually, iGeo 2023 will be hosted in Bandung, West Java. The competition is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Republic of Indonesia, and the State Government of West Java. iGeo 2023 also supported by Tim Olimpiade Geografi Indonesia (Indonesian Geography Olympiad Team).

Event Timeline


08 August 2023

Gala Dinner


09 August 2023

Opening Ceremony, Writen Respone Test


10 August 2023

Fieldwork Exercise Test


11 August 2023

Fieldwork Exercise Test, Multi Media Test, Ekskursi, Poster Presentation


12 August 2023

Ekskursi & Cultural Night


13 August 2023

Ekskursi, Closing Ceremony & Gala Dinner

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